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"I have had the pleasure of being a regular client of Jackie's for more than two years. I'm a runner and her work for me in 90 minute deep tissue full-body massage, RockTape, and Reiki are critical parts of my training. She is a naturally gifted massage therapist with a dedication to her craft and her clients. I am impressed by her knowledge of not only massage techniques, but of overall health and fitness. The benefits of her work extend into my day-to-day wellness.

Jackie has a genuineness about her that allows for an easy connection. She listens and is responsive in her methods to the individual needs of her client. Each session builds on what was shared at the prior one to maximize the benefits, aid healing, and enhance mobility ( and thereby performance). I HIGHLY recommend her and would be happy to further discuss any aspect of Jackie's professional services in more detail."

-Stu Salsbury

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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